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Learning from Others in Adobe Lightroom
If you're a heavy Lightroom user like I am, more often than not you're in your own library of images, importing, sorting, editing, tweaking and even sharing via social media. Did you know there is a whole other dimension to Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Web? An inspirational, educational and somewhat social component? Well, there is, in the forms of Discover Edits and Learn Tutorials. In this article, I'll be focussing on the Discover Edits view; what it is, how to use it and how to share your own edits.
April, 2021
Using Stock Imagery to Illustrate the Written Word
Many years ago, I wrote a Christmas story, A Midnight Clear. It remains one of the favorites I've written. I have shared it as a text-based web story and PDF over the years, during the holiday season and it's been well received by those who read it. But...I always felt it was missing one key element - illustrations. I do not have the wherewithal or skill to create actual illustrations, and while I have a large photographic collection, I had no hope of using my work to properly visualize this story. Enter stock photography and illustrations, specifically Adobe Stock. As both a creative professional and contributor to Adobe Stock, I saw an opportunity to do the story justice with proper, professional imagery and to truly showcase how stock assets can enhance and support the written word...
November, 2020
Outward Bound - A Sunrise Photo Shoot for Stock
This article talks about a recent sunrise photoshoot I did to build up my AdobeStock portfolio.
August, 2020
Replacing Color to Remove Brand Identity
Recently in my drives around the Kawartha area near the cottage, I’ve been fortunate to be able to capture not just gorgeous fields of wheat and rye, but also to view the harvesting process. I captured some great images, but quickly realized that to be acceptable for Adobe Stock, I would need to remove branding elements from the machinery. What I didn’t realize at the time, was how far that process would extend.
August, 2020
Making your (water)mark in Lightroom Mobile
Here's a brief tutorial on how to configure your watermark when using the recently updated (December 2019) version of Lightroom Mobile.
December, 2019
Guerrilla Marketing with Adobe Stock & Adobe Portfolio
There is a somewhat symbiotic relationship between Adobe Stock (Adobe's stock content service, integrated into Creative Cloud) and Adobe Portfolio (quick and simple web site creation tool and hosting service for creatives). In this article, I’ll share with you a couple of techniques that can help generate more awareness (and sales) of your Adobe Stock contributions.
November, 2019
Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Libraries
Recently, I've been writing a series of articles on the connections between Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock. I'm very pleased to say that I've completed the series, as Spark Page projects!  Initially, I had written one very long article on the subject. But, Spark Page does not support any kind of internal page navigation (liked named anchors) I decided that it would be easier for people to focus in on their specific challenges by breaking up the article into segments. This idea also inspired another article, focused on collaboration. I'm adding links to all four projects here.
August, 2019
Searching with Sensei
Adobe Stock just broke the 150-million asset ceiling this March, but a huge collection of great content doesn't mean much if you can't quickly find what you need. With that sentiment in mind, I dig deep into searching for assets on Adobe Stock and talk about the various ways that Adobe's Artificial Intelligence, Sensei, can help you find what you need, fast.
March, 2019
Using Adobe Stock with Creative Cloud Libraries
Ever wondered about the connection between Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Libraries? Well, wonder no more; check out my latest article about this integration.
June, 2019
Working with Lightroom Mobile and Photoshop Mix
August, 2015
From Analog to Digital - Retouching the Film
I've recently started digitizing my decades-old slide collection. One of the challenges I've had is dust/dirt/residue on the film itself. This project shows the improvements I've been able to make using Lightroom and Photoshop to clean up the images.
February, 2015
Lightroom Smartens Up
If you weren't paying attention last week, something crazy cool happened to Lightroom. It's learning to see. Read on to learn more about Technology Previews within Lightroom.
March, 2016
Star Light, Star Bright
July, 2015
Don't Delete it; Dehaze it!
I've been reviewing some of my images lately, from trips taken in the past couple years and - as I do from time to time - have reprocessed several. In some cases it was to do b/w conversions, in other cases it was to see how new features in Lightroom might help. In yet other situations, it was to totally reconsider the initial rejection of an image for either aesthetics or some other lack of visual impact.
February, 2016
Social Media Imagery with Adobe Post
A few months ago, Adobe released a new and free mobile app called Adobe Post. Simply put, Adobe Post is a fun and fast way for anyone (and I mean anyone) to create stunning social graphics. You pick a photo, add text, and apply some design filters to instantly create beautiful designs. 
February, 2016
Working with Adobe Fuse, Lightroom and Photoshop
December 1st, 2015 was a little like Christmas morning for many creatives; Adobe released huge updates to many of the Creative Cloud apps. I'll talk about one of the new releases called Adobe Fuse (Preview). What I find really interesting, is its integration with Photoshop! What follows is the overall workflow I used from start to finish to blend a newly created 3D character with one of my existing photos. I won't go into exhaustive detail on how to build a character, but will outline the process of how I got to my final scene.
December, 2015
Working with HDR - a progression
April, 2014
HDR Processing with iPhone, Photoshop and Lightroom
May, 2014
Moonrise Over Lake Ontario - A Photo Composite Project
May, 2014
Creating image collages in Lightroom
August, 2014
Same image, 7 years apart
August, 2014
Lightroom Processing and Virtual Copies
August, 2014
Before and After - Revisited
September, 2014
From iPhone to Lightroom to Lomo
September, 2014
iPhone Panoramic to Lightroom Beauty
October, 2014
October, 2014
Getting the "right look" with Lightroom CC/6 HDR
April, 2015
From Day to Night - A Lightroom CC/6 project
April, 2015
Super Moon Composite Tutorial
August, 2015
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