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I shoot primarily natural landscapes, but also abstracts, urban and animal life. Below, you can view self-curated collections of a large part of my work now available through Adobe Stock. You can also go directly to my entire Stock portfolio by clicking on the button just below this text.

UPDATED for 2023! A collection of my holiday-themed stock photos, available through Adobe Stock.
December, 2021
In the Wintertime - UPDATED
It's beginning to look a lot like winter, here in Ontario. This Adobe Stock collection features some of my favourite images from "the most wonderful time of the year."
December, 2021
March, 2023
Build a Recurring Passive Income Stream
Passive income is cool. My photographs are making me money while I sleep. While you won't get rich quickly, it's pretty easy to set up a recurring income stream using a service like Adobe Stock. Read on to learn more about my experience.
February, 2023
Relax and Recharge
A collection of my Adobe Stock images representing relaxation and reconnecting with nature.
April, 2019
My cottage backs onto a golf course, so I am often out there shooting images rather than hitting balls. Here's a Stock collection of images from around the golf course.
November, 2019
Farm Life
A collection of images that represent rural and pioneer life in Ontario.
November, 2021
A collection of my favorite lakeside images, available through Adobe Stock.
November, 2018
Cottage Life
December, 2018
In the Garden
Beauty can be found right at your doorstep, or in your backyard...
December, 2019
I hope you enjoy this collection of beverage-based photos, which are available for licensing on Adobe Stock. The majority of these images were captured with my smartphone and all were post-processed in Adobe Lightroom.
October, 2020
Food and Drink
Enjoy this collection of food and drink based photos, which are available for licensing on Adobe Stock. Many of these images were captured with my smartphone and all were post-processed in Adobe Lightroom.
February, 2021
Wine Country
My collection of stock photography of Ontario Wine Country and Sonoma, California, available on Adobe Stock.
June, 2020
From Dusk to Dawn
A new collection of my work on Adobe Stock focused on the magic time from sunset to sunrise.
April, 2019
Wild, Wild West
Stock photography from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
June, 2020
All Creatures Great and Small
A collection of my wild and domestic animal photos, available through Adobe Stock.
July, 2020
Colors of Autumn
October, 2019
Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon is a study in the stark beauty of a mountainous desert climate. Visually stunning, these images depict strength, fortitude, solitude, abandonment, resolve, wonder and awe.
December, 2019
June, 2020
December, 2019
These images represent, roughness, depth, tactility, abrasiveness, words we normally associate with the sense of touch.
December, 2019
In the City
From abstract to urban grunge, you'll find my favourite Stock city images here.
November, 2019
Perspective and Depth
The collection focuses on imagery with strong perspective created through composition and framing.
November, 2019
The theme is orange, and it's not all about pumpkins!
November, 2019
Leading Lines
This collection of stock images has a strong focus on the use of leading lines.
November, 2019
I do enjoy capturing motion in my photographs. But that doesn’t always mean a slow shutter speed and blurred movement.
June, 2019
Urban Retro
I typically shoot natural landscapes, but because I travel a lot for work, I’ve found myself shooting more urban landscapes and elements of urban living. This particular collection holds images that I consider more “retro” or even industrial in theme.
June, 2019
Stock Images for Sale
Over time, I've been gradually adding some of my favourite images to Adobe Stock, enabling them for sale to creatives and other commercial users. Below is a sampling of the images I have made available on Adobe Stock.
October, 2018
I've always been fascinated by moving water, and love to capture it in motion, showing speed, strength and majesty.
November, 2018
Cowboys and Cowgirls
For a few years now, I've photographed an Appaloosa show in the Kawarthas. The images in this collection often tell part of the story between rider and horse.
November, 2018
On the Water
Camping, living or just standing by a lake or ocean is paradise to me. And here are some of those slices of paradise.
November, 2018
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