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Easter Weekend Photo Outings
The weather was pretty cooperative this weekend, and gave me the opportunity to both explore my own backyard as well take a couple short photo walks with my wife. I took the opportunity to work more with my new super zoom, the Zuiko 100-400mm and came away with a few keepers, but in the backyard, I stuck with my 12-50mm kit lens.
April, 2021
Springtime in the Backyard
It was a beautiful weekend for the first one of spring; blue skies, sunshine, mild temperatures. We had some backyard clean up to do and I also decided to fill the bird feeders, in the hopes that I might be able to practice with my new lens.  I was fortunate enough to not only get the opportunity to photograph some birds, but also one of the feral cats we care for. Read on for the story, including a personal opinion on digital noise!
March, 2021
Zooming into a New Lens
My Olympus Zuiko 100-400mm arrived on Friday! I took it out for a test drive on the weekend and I was very impressed from both landscape and wildlife perspectives. I need to do more testing hand-held at slower shutter speeds to really see how well the IS holds up for me, but I definitely came away with some shots I'm pleased with. This is by no means an in-depth technical review. There are many of those already out there on YouTube, if you want to get all the specs. What you will get here is my first-hand experience using this new lens, along with some other musings, no doubt.
March, 2021
Marching Towards Spring
I spent a couple hours at Highland Creek today on the the U of T area north of Old Kingston Road. It was good to feel the sun on my face, and clear some of those February blahs. Read on to see what I saw.
March, 2021
McLaughlin Bay
On my birthday weekend, I decided to visit a location I had only seen by train or car: McLaughlin Bay. In fact, I didn't even know the correct name of the location; I thought it was part of Darlington Provincial Park! I remembered seeing the bay from the train as I made my way to Ottawa or Montreal for business trips.
February, 2021
Secret Garden - Rosetta McClain Park in Winter
Valentine's Day was a lovely, sunny day, following a light snowfall the night before, so my wife and I decided to get some vitamin D and a little exercise by walking through Rosetta McClain Gardens. I've made photos at this small park fairly often and I was at first reluctant to bring my camera to photograph the same place, yet again. I fought that urge and hopefully, you will see why.
February, 2021
The Pond and Beyond
A week ago, temperatures were mild and there was virtually no snow to be seen, except perhaps in deeply shaded areas. Midway through the week, temperatures in Toronto started dropping and we got our first significant snowfall since Christmas. So, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I decided to revisit East Point Park. Take a walk with me...
February, 2021
Living on the Edge
Excuse the overly dramatic subheading, but in reality, the walk I took on the East Point Park trail did come very close to the cliff edge on more than one occasion. And while I chose the safety of staying on the right side of the railing, there were more than a couple people who did not, and many blazed foot trails leading into the bushes indicated this was a common practice. Please read on to see more...
January, 2021
Digital Storytelling - A Curation of Personal Works
Digital Storytelling. The phrase is commonplace these days, more so since the Covid 19 Pandemic has put so many into remote working and learning scenarios. A situation that is not likely to fade quickly back to its former, alternative/optional designation. For many, it could be the way things will be for their foreseeable futures. I believe it is critical that students and professionals from all walks of life become at least comfortable - if not adept - at using this form of communication. We all have stories to tell; sharing our experiences can enrich the lives of others, help those close to us celebrate events, achievements, the lives of ourselves and others.
January, 2021
Christmas Town 2020 - Part 2 - Making the Movie
This article is about the post-production workflow I used to create my Christmas Town holiday video. I am not a video pro, nor do I pretend to be, but working on little projects like this help me gain confidence for this storytelling medium. I hope - after reading - you will see the benefits as well, and hopefully learn a thing or two.
December, 2020
Christmas Town 2020 - a Pandemic Project - Part 1
Every year, I set up a Christmas village, compiled from little houses left to me by my Dad, to ones I have purchased over the years. A tradition started by my Dad and one I proudly and lovingly continue. Setting up Christmas Town signals the start of the holiday season for me. It gets me in the mood, sets my frame of mind for the coming weeks. And every year, it is a challenge to find a suitable spot to set things up. In the past couple years, I have found myself curating my collection of Christmas houses, pulling out only a select few to set up in the space I can create in our home. With the pandemic eliminating any work travel this year, I had more time at home and more time to tackle some projects. One such project I set for myself, with my wife's encouragement, was to create a display space for the village that would be stable, but also easy to set up and easy to take down.
December, 2020
Descent to the Lake
I recently learned of a trail in Scarborough that safely leads down to the Lake Ontario Waterfront and provides stunning views of the Scarborough Bluffs. And it's only an 8-minute drive from my house!
December, 2020
Using Stock Imagery to Illustrate the Written Word
Many years ago, I wrote a Christmas story, A Midnight Clear. It remains one of the favorites I've written. I have shared it as a text-based web story and PDF over the years, during the holiday season and it's been well received by those who read it. But...I always felt it was missing one key element - illustrations. I do not have the wherewithal or skill to create actual illustrations, and while I have a large photographic collection, I had no hope of using my work to properly visualize this story. Enter stock photography and illustrations, specifically Adobe Stock. As both a creative professional and contributor to Adobe Stock, I saw an opportunity to do the story justice with proper, professional imagery and to truly showcase how stock assets can enhance and support the written word...
November, 2020
The In-Between Time
There is a time between the last blush of autumn and the first real snowfall when the world is mostly yellows, browns and the occasional green.
November, 2020
After The Fall
I brought a friend along for a photo walk in Highland Creek this past Saturday. It has been roughly been two weeks since the cottage closed up and I needed to get out among the trees. So did my friend. We had a great time for the two hours we were there. Lots of options for monochromatic compositions, as you will soon see.
November, 2020
Autumn at the Fortress of Moderate Solitude
While I haven't published many projects from the summer, I have definitely been making photographs and sharing them via social media. I thought as things wind down, and we head into what looks to be a Covid-controlled winter, it might be nice to share my autumn with you.
October, 2020
I hope you enjoy this collection of beverage-based photos, which are available for licensing on Adobe Stock. The majority of these images were captured with my smartphone and all were post-processed in Adobe Lightroom.
October, 2020
The Gut
Over the summer months, I have been treated to images from one of my photographer friends Russ Higgins. One area, in particular, is a conservation area known as The Gut, named after a 230-metre long, 30-metre deep gorge on the Crowe River. It's about an hour from the cottage to the turnoff that leads to the Gut, which is somewhat near Apsley, Ontario.
September, 2020
Outward Bound - A Sunrise Photo Shoot for Stock
This article talks about a recent sunrise photoshoot I did to build up my AdobeStock portfolio.
August, 2020
Replacing Color to Remove Brand Identity
Recently in my drives around the Kawartha area near the cottage, I’ve been fortunate to be able to capture not just gorgeous fields of wheat and rye, but also to view the harvesting process. I captured some great images, but quickly realized that to be acceptable for Adobe Stock, I would need to remove branding elements from the machinery. What I didn’t realize at the time, was how far that process would extend.
August, 2020
All Creatures Great and Small
A collection of my wild and domestic animal photos, available through Adobe Stock.
July, 2020
Wine Country
My collection of stock photography of Ontario Wine Country and Sonoma, California, available on Adobe Stock.
June, 2020
Wild, Wild West
Stock photography from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
June, 2020
June, 2020
Around the House - Photographic Creativity
Over the past 15 weeks, I have kept a weekly journal of images and thoughts. The focus of the journal was inspired by another project of mine, Being Creative in the New Normal. I created the journal using Spark Page as it was easy for me to add content to the journal, regardless of my current device. Well, things are starting to feel a little more normal now, as we enter week 16. I'm once again able to head to the cottage every weekend, and while I wear a mask in stores, at least I can go into many that only a few weeks ago were closed. So, as "shelter in place" seems to be loosening its restrictions, I felt it was tie to close down the journal. I'm sharing it here for those who want to read and see my experiences over the last few months. And while it was mainly about being creative while staying in one place. I think there are elements that will be inspiring regardless of your situation.
June, 2020
Tree Therapy
As of this writing (May 12, 2020), we've been in work-from-home/shelter-in-place for 11 weeks. I've been keeping myself sane and hoping to inspire others with an ongoing pandemic photo journal, but I thought this little diversion from the end of Week 10 was worth its own project. I was tired of finding my own inspiration in my backyard. Not that I'm complaining; I know how fortunate I am to have some lovely green space to walk through and look at, especially in the city. But I was yearning to look around and not see a fence or wall or window anywhere nearby. 
May, 2020
Spark Photo Festival 2021
As all Spark Photo Festival events have been postponed until the fall of 2021, I thought I would share my planned collection of prints here on in my Portfolio. This virtual gallery is here for you to enjoy, and if you are interested in purchasing a traditional framed print, or an image printed on canvas or metal, please reach out to me using the contact link. You can also view the Current Exhibit page for an up to date visual listing of what is currently hanging.
March, 2020
Being Creative in the New Normal
More than ever, it's important to consider your personal mental health. It's important to take breaks away from your computer screen. Why not use one of those breaks to visually explore the familiar? Stretch your mind and your creative eye using your smartphone? Read on for some tips on being creative at home.
March, 2020
Webcam and Lighting Tips for Remote Workers
You’ve been asked to work from home amid - oh let’s say - a serious global health crisis. This includes limiting or eliminating your business travel and in-person meetings with customers or suppliers. But you still have to run your business as effectively as possible. Welcome to Telecommuting and more specifically, virtual meetings and conferences. This guide is designed to help you get the most out of your teleconferencing webcam experience, without breaking the bank in the process. I initially wrote this short guide at the request of my manager, to assist those new to web conferencing (or perhaps not new but indulging in bad habits) how to make the most out of their webcam presence in a conference, without blowing the budget.
March, 2020
Go Tell it on the Mountain
I recently travelled to Lehi, Utah for a team meeting and brought along my new Olympus EM5 Mark III to field-test it. I bought this camera specifically for travel purposes, where I didn't feel there was a need to carry my larger and heavier Nikon D750. I shot indoors and out, in bright light and low light and often high contrast scenes. This is a somewhat technical review, so for those who are more used to just viewing my work and (hopefully) enjoying the story I add to the project, please forgive me. Soon, I'll be back to a more storytelling mode.
March, 2020
New Year, New Camera
While on a recent photo walk in Red Rock Canyon with work friends, it became clear to me that it was time to look for a replacement for my tiny Lumix GF7, by travel camera of the last few years. This project walks through the why's and my process in selecting a new travel camera.
January, 2020
Making your (water)mark in Lightroom Mobile
Here's a brief tutorial on how to configure your watermark when using the recently updated (December 2019) version of Lightroom Mobile.
December, 2019
Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon is a study in the stark beauty of a mountainous desert climate. Visually stunning, these images depict strength, fortitude, solitude, abandonment, resolve, wonder and awe.
December, 2019
December, 2019
These images represent, roughness, depth, tactility, abrasiveness, words we normally associate with the sense of touch.
December, 2019
In the Garden
Beauty can be found right at your doorstep, or in your backyard...
December, 2019
In the City
From abstract to urban grunge, you'll find my favourite Stock city images here.
November, 2019
Perspective and Depth
The collection focuses on imagery with strong perspective created through composition and framing.
November, 2019
Guerrilla Marketing with Adobe Stock & Adobe Portfolio
There is a somewhat symbiotic relationship between Adobe Stock (Adobe's stock content service, integrated into Creative Cloud) and Adobe Portfolio (quick and simple web site creation tool and hosting service for creatives). In this article, I’ll share with you a couple of techniques that can help generate more awareness (and sales) of your Adobe Stock contributions.
November, 2019
In the Wintertime
It's beginning to look a lot like winter, here in Ontario. This Adobe Stock collection features some of my favourite images from "the most wonderful time of the year."
October, 2019
Using Design Templates and Presets to Get Started, Fast
Creating a new project in Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator, can sometimes be a daunting task, confronted with a blank canvas, or an idea you're not sure how to bring to life. To help get those creative juices flowing, you can instead choose from a wide variety of design templates from Adobe Stock. Templates often include assets and illustrations or special effects that you can build on to complete your project. When you open a template in Photoshop, you can work with it just as you would work with any other Photoshop document.
November, 2019
Adobe Stock in Education
Stock imagery has become an essential part of visual communication in design and in businesses large and small, used in everything from company websites and advertising, to financial reports and mobile applications. It’s affordable and can help bring just the right image into a communication piece. Four years ago, Adobe introduced a new service, Adobe Stock, to our customers, giving them access to millions of high-quality visual assets, instantly. From a commercial perspective, Adobe Stock has been very successful. You might wonder how can Stock content can fuel university digital literacy initiatives. Well, read on through the Spark Page essay below and see for yourself how important quality imagery can be when more impactful communication is critical.
November, 2019
Adobe MAX 2019 - Vignettes
Once again, I had the privilege of attending and participating in Adobe MAX. With approximately 15,000 attendees, it's got to be one of the largest creative-focused events of its kind. There is so much excitement and energy at MAX each and every year.
November, 2019
Autumn in Kawartha - 2019
It had been a wonderful season at the Fortress of Moderate Solitude. Spring, summer and autumn have raced by it seems, but even though the time felt fleeting, I was able to venture out on several occasions to capture the colour of the Kawarthas, in and around the cottage area. The collection here is some of my favourite images from the past few weeks.
October, 2019
The Excellent Adventure 13
This is the 13th year of the Excellent Adventure. We've been to many places over those years, camping, cottaging and the like, everywhere from Lake Superior Provincial Park, to Newfoundland, to California wine country and the Kawarthas in Ontario. Regardless of the location (which have all been fantastic experiences), it's the fellowship and camaraderie of the group that makes each trip so successful and leaves us yearning for the next adventure. We have such fun, laugh all week and share thoughts and ideas about pretty much anything that comes to mind.
August, 2019
Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Libraries
Recently, I've been writing a series of articles on the connections between Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock. I'm very pleased to say that I've completed the series, as Spark Page projects!  Initially, I had written one very long article on the subject. But, Spark Page does not support any kind of internal page navigation (liked named anchors) I decided that it would be easier for people to focus in on their specific challenges by breaking up the article into segments. This idea also inspired another article, focused on collaboration. I'm adding links to all four projects here.
August, 2019
Excellent Adventure 13
Another Excellent Adventure has come and gone. Tom, Doug and I spent an awesome week in a renovated farmhouse very near Southampton, Ontario. Our accommodation selection this year was thanks to Tom, who researched cottages and other locations in Bruce County. And while we had a comfortable stay, we spent a lot of time out and about, touring the countryside.
August, 2019
Using Adobe Stock with Creative Cloud Libraries
Ever wondered about the connection between Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Libraries? Well, wonder no more; check out my latest article about this integration.
June, 2019
Life Near the Lake - Redux
I'm very excited to share that my second photography exhibit of 2019 is now running at Elmhirst's Resort. Show coordinator, Caroline Elmhirst was so pleased with the results of my winter show that she asked me to come back for the summer. I gladly accepted the invitation. Below are the images currently hanging at the Elmhirst Gallery on the the lower level of the main building.
May, 2019
Life Near the Lake - The Photographs
It recently occurred to me that - while I have published articles about my new show - I had never really shared large size versions of the images that are at the show. So without further ado, here they are.
March, 2019
Views from the Fortress of Moderate Solitude
I’m doing my first photography show in more than 2 decades! And this too is quite exciting. It’s been a long time since I shared my photography in analog form; I’ve spent many years publishing and promoting and sharing my work online through various channels. But from January 17 to March 28, 20 of my photographs will be on display (and - ahem - for sale) at the gallery space at Elmhirst's Resort, in Keene, Ontario. 
January, 2019
Life Near the Lake
Selecting images for my show at Elmhirst Resort was no easy task. Or, rather, narrowing down that selection to a few specific images was not easy. This project includes all the images I considered as "contenders" for the exhibit, along with a few photographs of the final hanging.
February, 2019
Spring at the Cottage
The first few weeks of cottage season are magical. The landscape gradually shifts from earth tones to verdant greens. The forest floor awakens, delicate plants like ferns and Trilliums pushing upward at a slow, deliberate pace, with seemingly herculean efforts to push through soil and nature's winter coverlet of decaying leaves.
May, 2019
Spring Drive
We took a leisurely 2-hour drive along a 9-kilometre section of Settler's Line, this past long weekend, with the intention of capturing a bit more of Kawartha spring glory - not the least of which were the Trilliums which grew abundantly at the roadside and in the forests. Settlers Line did not disappoint!
May, 2019
Searching with Sensei
Adobe Stock just broke the 150-million asset ceiling this March, but a huge collection of great content doesn't mean much if you can't quickly find what you need. With that sentiment in mind, I dig deep into searching for assets on Adobe Stock and talk about the various ways that Adobe's Artificial Intelligence, Sensei, can help you find what you need, fast.
March, 2019
What a Rush!
Recently, I participated in a video training workshop at Adobe in San Jose CA, geared towards making us more comfortable not just with video-editing software, but also the process of making videos. All the Digital Media Solutions Consultants (SCs) and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) took part in this training. Hands down, this training was one of the most relevant and effective uses of my professional development time, to date, at Adobe. Let's face it, to the novice, creating videos can be quite intimidating. But this 2-day workshop opened my eyes to the creative possibilities of video.
January, 2019
Using a Custom Domain Name in Adobe Portfolio
Recently, I decided it was finally time to switch from the Adobe Portfolio domain name - - to one of my custom reserved domain names; I mean, why not? I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think to do this sooner.  The process for making this happen - while a little geeky - was not particularly difficult and that is where this tutorial comes in.
February, 2017
Assault on the Fortress of Moderate Solitude
The 12th annual Excellent Adventure happened in early August. As is my practice, I've put together a Spark Page with lots of photos and commentary about the trip. Feel free to scroll through the page here or you can get the full screen experience. 
August, 2018
What is a Photograph?
While recently touring an Ansel Adams exhibit at the University of Arizona, I was struck by the concept that there is no such thing as the "final" image. Read on in this Spark Page story to learn why.
March, 2018
Harvest Moon over Rice Lake
October, 2017
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