Roadside Attractions
My wife loves Scottish thistles, and they are literally everywhere on the road leading into the cottage. So, Sunday morning I decided to photograph some before it got too hot. I had intended to drive most of the length of Villiers Line, but on this morning, I barely got 500 metres past the resort entrance.​​​​​​​
The majority of the images were captured with my Olympus Zuiko 100-400mm lens. It's fast becoming my favorite lens not just for wildlife, but also for nature photography in general.
On my way back, I took the footpath that runs alongside the road. There is a short stretch that runs through a cedar forest and it made for some great images, too, despite the mosquitos that buzzed around me.
When I got back to the cottage, I immediately imported my files into Lightroom to start curating and editing. I had some fun with the forest path images using local adjustments to bring out the lushness and denseness of that little section of the trail.
Here's a link to my edit process for the above trail shot.

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