Secret Garden
Valentine's Day was a lovely, sunny day, following a light snowfall the night before, so my wife and I decided to get some Vitamin D and a little exercise by walking through Rosetta McClain Gardens. I've made photos at this small park fairly often and I was at first reluctant to bring my camera to photograph the same place, yet again.

Then, my inner self reminded me of something I often tell others; there are ALWAYS new visual opportunities; it is your choice to take the time to SEE those opportunities. It may be more challenging to find those fresh compositions, but it's not impossible. The fact that it is more challenging, really, is the point. If you can make interesting photos of a familiar place or location, think of how much easier it will be for you to find and make dynamic images of unfamiliar places!
Evergreen Cascade - Looking at this view, the branches reminded me of curtains or drapes, framing an entirely different world.
While not packed, there was a steady flow of people through the park when we arrived just before noon. I caught myself wondering at what time the cross-country skier had traversed the park. Was that person the first in the park that day, laying down the first footprints (or tracks) in the park? Beyond the fence in the background is the cliff-edge of the Scarborough Bluffs, a sheer drop several stories down to the shore of Lake Ontario.
The contrast of the snow-lined branches against the darker, shadowed foliage struck me as an interesting visual
I remember in my photography studio days, creating several cucolori (or cookies) out of foamcore sheets, to replicate this dappled sunlight effect. I shot many a product using those cookies, which are placed between the light source and the product/subject. I always loved the effect and I was struck today that I must have loved it because of how natural it looked.
Later that day, back home, I was treated to a glorious sunset, streaming through a giant, 30-year-old pine tree in our backyard. When we bought this house, more than 2 decades ago, that pine tree was about 5ft tall. It now towers above our 1.5 story home. It reminded me that as picturesque as Rosetta McClain Garden is, I have my own secret garden, my own little park in the city.

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