Thanksgiving Weekend 2023
This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. Aside from blossoming fall color, we got our first taste of fall weather; cold, rainy, windy and overcast. But I still found time to make photos!
Walk About the Cottage
Elmhirst's Resort
We visited my wife's Aunt and Uncle and her family as they celebrated Thanksgiving at Elmhirst's Resort
Cordova Falls
We visited Cordova Falls for the second time this season. The water level was quite low, some areas reduce to a trickle of water.  Many maple leaves had already fallen, but fallen leaves can be pretty, too. The heavy overcast light was in my favor; I was able to get some great long exposure images using the internal LiveND function of my OM-5 camera, some even handheld! I was very pleased with the results, overall.
Every once in a while, I remember to shoot a quick behind-the-scenes shot when I compose an image I'm fond of.
Post-Processing Notes
Nearly every image I capture is captured in RAW format, which means nearly every image requires post-processing. The images here were processed in Lightroom Mobile and/or Lightroom CC. I usually process for a natural, if somewhat saturated look, enhancing the colors already present in the scene. This includes the use of local masking, vignettes and the like to help tell my story and make for a more visually appealing scene. I did not employ Generative AI in this project, although AI (Adobe Sensei) is part of many of the tools in Lightroom, and even my OM-5 camera uses computational photography to create its Live ND effect.

I used the new Depth Blur tool on a couple of the iPhone shots, both of which were images with a beverage as the main subject. I applied a preset to the super creepy antique plate of the bridal doll. There's a horror film just waiting to happen based on that plate...

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