A Year (and then some) with Olympus
For more than 40 years, Nikon has been my mainstay. My go-to camera brand. From the film days with FM2's and FE-2's (stolen and replaced TWICE) to the digital days with the D70, D200, D7000 and D750. That's been my primary camera lineup for decades.

But over the years - especially the last 10 - I've been on the lookout for something portable, but with better quality and more flexibility that my iPhone - especially for travel. Early last year, I made the decision to try a new camera system - Olympus - due to the portability of the camera and it's reputation as a quality camera maker. You can read more about that decision process in this article.

I've had the camera for nearly 20 months and as much as I love my D750, my Olympus EM5 Mark III has become my primary camera. 

Obviously, travel options have been fairly limited since last February, but I've found things to photograph, sometimes close to home - sometimes IN my home.​​​​​​​
I thought I would share some of my favorite photos captured with this camera, to date. To make it more challenging for me - and hopefully more interesting for you - I set one restriction on this collection; I had to limit myself to three photos per month, maximum. For what it's worth, the curation process was incredibly difficult for most months! I spent a lot of time whittling down to my top three from each month, while also trying to show some variety in content. I hope you like my choices.

If you wander through my Behance site, you will likely see some of these images again, often with a deeper write up about the shoot. I encourage you to look into those projects if you like what you see here.
Note: on updating this project, I realized I have owned this camera since the beginning of the CoVid-19 pandemic. While things did not start getting scary until the end of February, our first official reported case was in January of 2020.
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