Autumn in the Kawarthas
The Colours of 2019
It has been a wonderful season at the Fortress of Moderate Solitude. Spring, summer and autumn have raced by it seems, but even though the time felt fleeting, I was able to venture out on several occasions to capture the colour of the Kawarthas, in and around the cottage area. In the collection here are some of my favourite images from the past few weeks.
Around the Cottage
Seeing the beautiful in the everyday is a critical skill for a photographer; if you can't create good images near your home, how do you expect to do so when you travel? I'm always looking for something different, appealing or striking.
Road Trips
Every weekend this autumn, we made time to go for a drive, searching for fall colour - or its potential. I'm happy to say that on each trip, I found something (often more than something) which was worth stopping the car and pulling out the camera.
Sunrise is a magical time, regardless of the season, but in the autumn, the color temperature of the light as the sun approaches and then rises above the horizon can change the scene in front of you - drastically. The two images directly below are a good example. Similar framing and cropping, slightly different focal lengths, but when that sun popped over the horizon to highlight the trees and part of the rolling field, a completely different mood and depth was brought out.
Naylor's Commons
After a few false starts looking for fall color on one weekend, we discovered Naylor’s Commons in Marmora. I did not walk more than 100 yards in any direction from my parked car and was surrounded by autumn. Even shot some nice video sequences!
On the Course
The golf course, Bellmere Winds, is part of our cottage resort and while I don't golf, I can appreciate the beauty course year round, especially in the fall. Whether I'm shooting with my phone (the stitched panorama, below) or with my DLSR, I can always find something pleasing to my eye.
So there you have my view of autumn, from my little slice of heaven in the Kawarthas. It's more than halfway through October, now, and I hope to see more fall colour this coming weekend, but I expect more of it will be on the ground than in the trees. But hey - that's OK. The only part that is not OK is that this will be the last weekend for the cottage. We close up for the year in a few short days. 

I love the autumn...and I kinda hate it, too, LOL.

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