Legend of the Fall
A Sabbatical Photo Journal
Autumn is always a special season for me, but the Autumn of 2022 has even more significance; I'm taking my 5-week sabbatical from Adobe starting September 24. Every 5 years, Adobe gives all its employees a fully paid sabbatical, adding an extra week to the time off for every 5 years of service. I hit my 10-year mark about a year and a half ago, so I've earned a 5-week break from all company duties. I'm so excited!

I'm creating my journal using Adobe Express Page (formerly Spark Page). You can view the journal as it's being written right here, or get the full screen experience at Adobe Express.

It is a looong journal, with plenty of photos, so I built a table of contents as the project lengthened. I will likely create sub projects that focus on specific topics, like the fall colors in the Kawarthas, for example. Until then, please feel free to read and enjoy!

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