Misty Morning in Farm Country
After just missing sunrise the past couple of weekends, I finally pulled myself out of bed at 5:30 am to not only catch the early morning sky, but to also capture some wonderful pastoral images featuring mist in the lowland farm fields.
Leaving the cottage, I drove north of Highway 7 through the hamlet of Indian River. I flipped a mental coin and turned left at the end of Indian River Line and came across this single lane bridge, spanning (you guessed it) the Indian River.
On another whim, I turned onto a road I've never driven, Douro Road 3, and within a few minutes, came across this stunning vista. Next to rows of crops, nothing says farm country like cows roaming in a mist-shrouded field.
I hope you've enjoyed this morning jaunt and it's helped you remember (like me) that getting up early can have great photographic rewards.

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