First Fall Weekend
The first official weekend of autumn 2021 is coming to a close and while I did get out a couple times with my camera, autumn is still playing coy with its colour.
I headed out early on Friday morning to Cordova Falls, bent on visiting the upper falls this time. I was not disappointed; the dam gates were open quite wide, thanks to all the unseasonable rain in the area, and the falls were a torrent of white water at the top, near the Cordova dam.
Forgive the washed out highlights in this image. The superwide lens on my iPhone 11 Pro only captures jpeg and it does not handle extreme contrast well. This does, however, give you a sense of the powerful current rushing downriver.
I spent a good hour or more exploring two of the upper cascades, before heading back to the #fortressofmoderatesolitude.
While I didn't find much colour in the trees, I did, however, find colour in the sky on Thursday and Saturday evenings. 
On Thursday evening, the "action" was over the lake, opposite to the setting sun. The clouds were being lit from below, and constantly changing.
Saturday evening was yet another example of serendipity. It rained very heavily around 6:00 pm. Then just around 7, I poked my head out of the cottage to see the beginnings of a very dramatic sunset. I made a couple quick shots from the deck.
Then I grabbed my tripod and headed up the fourth hole. A favourite sunset spot for me. I was in for a treat; not only was the sunset amazing, I was gifted with a massive rainbow.
I was only able to make a couple captures of the rainbow before it was gone, but turning around to face the setting sun gave me ample photographic opportunities.
I included a link to the edit of the image on the right. Click on the new Behance feature, Files to go to the edit in Lightroom Desktop or on the web. You can even save the edit as a preset!
And that was how I saw my weekend. I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well, and made some captures you are proud of. As always, I love hearing from you, so feel free to comment on this or any other project of mine. 
Until next time!

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