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Stock photo workshop at Full Sail University
I recently participated in a two-day student workshop at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, created and run by the Adobe Stock team. This was an incredibly valuable event from both student and teacher perspectives, giving them not only theory and practical advice about creating stock content in general, but also in practice, in the form of a hands-on live photo shoot on-location in Florida.
You can read the main story and see many of my photos in the Spark Page below.  There were many guest speakers including the always interesting Terry White. 

A lot of work and preparation went into this event, on both the Adobe side and Full Sail. And the hard work paid off; students and faculty alike were exposed to a great deal of excellent information, and even had the opportunity to put all that advice into practice with a location shoot, using professional and student models.
I brought home many tips as well, such as creating Virtual Copies in Lightroom for the images destined for Stock. This way, I could create separate sets of keywords for the stock images. Words that might not be of much use to me in my own photo database, but would be very useful and relevant for Adobe Stock, when customers are searching for an image that represents a concept, or emotion.

If you're a photographer, videographer, illustrator or animator, and you haven't checked out Adobe Stock, or set up a contributor account, I strongly suggest you look into it. Content that is merely sitting on your hard drive could actually be making money for you, while you sleep.

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