This past weekend was a busy one; we put the finishing touches on our new cottage. Having moved everything in and unpacked last weekend, we focused on decor, picture hanging, outdoor lighting and - yes - even relaxing a little. 

It was dreadfully hot and humid from last Thursday until Saturday evening. But, with the conditions improving over the evening on Saturday, I decided to go out on the golf course late at night and try to get some new shots of the Milky way, including ones where I captured the reflection of the Milky Way in one of the golf course water hazards.
The lighting on the tree tops is coming from the lights of the refrigerators inside the clubhouse, a couple hundred yards away.
I tried my hand at some light painting in this shot, using the flashlight  app on my iPhone.
This image is an HDR image. I thought I'd experiment in this one. One frame is ISO 8000, the other is ISO 2000. I need to work on the processing, though as the combinations of Clarity and Dehaze (and possibly, de-ghosting) caused some weird visual behavior around some of the stars, turning them into hollow circles.
This is a composite image. Two RAW files, processed in Lightroom, then merged in Photoshop with layer masking, to bring out the reflection and detail in the pond, while retaining detail in the night sky. First time trying this technique. I really wanted to bring out the Milky Way, reflected in the pond.
Exposure info: Background- f.2.8, 20 seconds, ISO 2000. Foreground f/2.8 30 seconds, ISO 8000
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