Motion in Stillness
A couple weeks ago, during a cold snap in Toronto, I spent a couple hours in Rouge Park, experimenting more with my newly purchased Variable Density ND filter. 

I love this filter.

Shooting with up to 30-second exposures in broad daylight (I could go longer if I switched to "Bulb"), the reality of Little Rouge Creek is transformed into a contrast of movement and stillness. The day was fairly overcast, which definitely helped in retaining a lot of detail in both the highlights and shadow areas.

Walking the trail - even though I did not go far - was challenging due to ice coverage. It was slow going, especially as I balanced my camera and tripod.

Technical notes: all images shot with my 28-300mm Nikkor lens, Hoya Variable ND filter attached, ISO 50, 20 - 30 seconds.
As I was heading back to the car, I noticed the sun warming the treetops, outside of the Rouge Valley. That sliver of warmth is a dramatic counterpoint to the coolness in terms of both color temperature and climate.
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