On Saturday of Family Day weekend, we decided to visit the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario. Little did we know just how much of an impact the canoe had on the growth and settlement of Canada.
Worth the Drive to Peterborough
I'm trying something a little different in this project. And by that I mean, the project isn't here, on Behance.

Instead, I've opted to tell my story in a different manner, using Adobe Spark Page. Spark Page is both an iPad app and web-based desktop authoring tool and is available for free. You can sign in using Facebook or your Adobe ID.

Photographers and artists out there, and anyone who wants to tell their story in a different manner, have a look at Adobe Spark Page for that next proposal, storyboard, book report or presentation.

Please comment here though, to tell me what you thought of this storytelling device.  I'd love to hear your opinion and would love even more to see what you can do with Spark Page!

For those who want to look more closely at the photos themselves, drop by my Flickr site.

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