Back in the winter of 2006, I made a trip down to an old building on the Toronto waterfront.  It never failed to catch my eye when driving along the Lakeshore or the Gardiner Expressway. At the time, I did not know it was the original Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion, built back in 1922. Now it's a series of restaurants and cafes and a venue for weddings in the summer.
At any rate, when I visited in the dead of winter, it was closed for the season. Fortunately for me, the lock on the front gate was, well, not locked. So I ventured in and spent the better part of an hour making pictures. The day was fairly overcast, and the setting itself was pretty monochromatic. 
One thing I found amusing was the fact that some of the angles I used, were also used on the actual venue's website. Their images however, did not have the same - shall we say - character.
The original processed images have been on my Flickr site for years, but, as I've been wont to do these days, I've been reviewing my older images, reselecting and reprocessing ones I find interesting. In my reprocessing of these shots, I've gone ahead and converted some to black and white, where I thought it was suitable. I hope you too, find them interesting.
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