Well, in our case, it's more like, Life Near the Lake, but it's still wonderful to get to the cottage as often as we can.  Just a few examples from the past weekend. I need to start thinking about early sunrise hours again. 
The best seat in the house. I tend to avoid posting DSLR images on Instagram, but I buckled with this shot. It was a good move on my part; this image became very popular in my feed over the last 24 hours.
Deer prints on the beach. Sometime in the evening or early morning, our little beach at the resort had a visitor. This is the kind of thing that makes visiting the cottage so workwhile.
This image really sings in black and white. The tonal range and texture of the clouds really stand out (with a little help from Lightroom, I admit). The inclusion of the fishing boat on the left is very important, in my mind, to not only connect the two areas divided by the tree, but also to add interest and draw attention back to that side of frame.
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