Healey Falls, Then and Now

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Healey Falls,Then and Now
I returned to Healey Falls with a photographer friend of mine recently, and there was a marked difference in the location this time around. Two years ago (2015), I could walk across the entire breadth (over 100 metres!) of the rock shelf, to the other side, without getting my feet wet. But now, in July of 2017, I might have been able to walk 3 or 4 metres from the shore before I risked soaking feet, and being pulled in.

I'll start by giving you a comparison between the two separate visits.
August, 2015
panoramic view of Healey Falls, when the water level was very low.
In 2015, I could walk right up to the first cascade and barely get the soles of my shoes wet. This panorama was captured with my iPhone.
July 8, 2017
Wide angle, comparative view of Healey Falls, two years later, when water levels were at near record highs.
This past weekend, you can see that crossing the falls on foot was NOT an option! 
My friend and I made several photos of the falls. The bright, sunny day and fast moving water gave me another opportunity to make use of my Hoya Variable Neutral Density filter, to increase my exposure times dramatically, making for milky white streams of fast moving water. Using this filter, I was able to increase my exposure anywhere from 10 - 30 seconds, whereas without the filter, I would have been forced to fractions of seconds.
Some of my other favorites from the day. You can click/tap on any image in the grid to enlarge it.
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