Photography and the Zen of Seeing

This section of my site is a collection of articles and tutorials on Generative AI in Adobe Creative Cloud. I've put a lot of effort into showing how Gen AI can be used in practical ways by photographers to augment their work, not replace their creativity. Enjoy!

Photography and the Zen of Seeing 
This ad-hoc, irregularly updated journal, created in Adobe Spark Page, is where I’ll put down some thoughts - and not a few photographs - throughout the month of my sabbatical, from September 11 - October 9, 2017.

You might notice some differences to this Spark Page; Adobe recently introduced some premium features to assist you in creating your own branding for Page, Post and Video, and at the same time, removing the Adobe branding from your projects. While Adobe Spark is still free - and will continue to be free - premium features such as branding are available only to Creative Cloud subscribers.

You can scroll through the project live, below, or go directly to the full screen experience (recommended for mobile devices). 

I'll continue to update this journal until I return to work in October. Feel free to drop by anytime to check for updates.

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