Easter Weekend
Predawn on the Port Union Shore of Lake Ontario, this first image (a three-frame, HDR merge) was shot when there was barely enough light to see by. The rocks were all but silhouettes at 6:15 am, and I could barely see my way on foot, as I juggled my tripod and my coffee on my way from the car to the shore. Exposure times ranged from 13 seconds to 2.5, ISO 2000, f/11.
I'm very pleased with this image, so much so that I almost limited the project to this one shot.
Another HDR image. The lighting was still pretty dim at this point, I could make out rough shapes, but,  I had no idea there were all those pieces of driftwood lining the shore like benches. Needless to say, I brought out a lot of shadow detail in the image, while still trying to retain that dawn look and feel.
Originally, I hadn't even considered this image. It was the overexposed frame for an HDR merge, and was very washed out. Or so I thought. It was still apparently full of detail even in the highlights, and I love the look of the water in this 8 second exposure.
Pre Apocalyptic Dawn
Off in the distance is the Pickering Nuclear Power plant. The Ontario government is quite proud of its green energy initiatives, which include the fact that no more coal is burned in Ontario to generate electricity. But, as I sit here (in hypocritical concern, typing on a laptop, directly to my Behance project enabled by an always-on Internet connection) I can't help but wonder if nuclear power is really the right choice, either. That waste product has to go somewhere and it is not fun stuff to deal with.
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