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Creative Campus Collaboration at UNC Chapel Hill
I had yet another awesome opportunity in early April. I and my Solutions Consultant colleagues were once again invited to attend the latest Adobe Creative Campus Collaboration event, this time hosted by University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. I've become the defacto offficial photographer for this event (and many other Adobe-related events I attend), and I'm OK with that. I like shooting the events - it keeps me grounded and in practice. I also enjoy the rest of the process: post-processing them images and writing the story to go with the images.
April, 2017
From Analog to Digital - Retouching the Film
I've recently started digitizing my decades-old slide collection. One of the challenges I've had is dust/dirt/residue on the film itself. This project shows the improvements I've been able to make using Lightroom and Photoshop to clean up the images.
February, 2015
Collaborating on a Creative Campus model
Thursday February 23 was a special day for me; I had my first opportunity to experience a Creative Campus event. Over 40 faculty and administrators gathered together at the University of Arizona to listen and share about what Digital Fluency means, define student and faculty success, and how Adobe tools can further empower people to create, communicate and be successful.
February, 2017
The Ghost Ship of Jordan Harbour
Recently i had the opportunity to photograph this shipwreck, which sits in Jordan Harbour, south of the QEW. I've passed this hulk many times miles while enroute to Niagara wine country, but never had the time to stop and make photos. On my way early Sunday morning to the Canada/US border, I promised myself I would stop on my way home to capture this decrepit structure.
February, 2017
Motion in Stillness
A couple weeks ago, during a cold snap in Toronto, I spent a couple hours in Rouge Park, experimenting more with my newly purchased Variable Density ND filter. 
January, 2017
Winter in Cottage Country
To ring in 2017, we decided to do something different, and stay at Elmhirst Resort in Keene, Ontario to celebrate and relax. Of course, for me, relaxing also means getting out with my camera. Elmhirst is only a very short drive to our own cottage (shuttered up for the winter), so I decided I'd take a tour around the resort as well as spend some time using my newest camera accessory, a variable neutral density (ND) filter. We'll start this little story at the cottage.
January, 2017
On Adobe, Change, and Customer Success
The 2017 theme for the Adobe Worldwide Sales Conference (WWSC) was Customer Success: Own It! I think this is perhaps the most apropos mantra/slogan/catchphrase that has ever been used at the WWSC, at least in my 5 years of attending the event. Read on to see the event from my perspective.
December, 2016
The Aga Khan Museum
This past Saturday, my wife Karen, our friend Gail and I visited the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. Despite having been open for more than two years now, and only a 20 minute drive from home, it's a place we had yet to experience.
December, 2016
The Most Fun on Four Hooves
In the late summer, our friends Liz and Doug of Mileham Show Horses, invited us to another fun horse competition called the International Appaloosa Futurity Show. It was hosted by Whisper Ridge Ranch, just outside of Norwood, Ontario.
October, 2016
Winter is Here
Winter came to Scarborough today. High winds and dropping temperatures forced me outside to finally complete the remaining winter predatory chores. Before dumping the combination of ice and leaves from the bird bath, I had to make a few pictures. A true scene frozen in time. Enjoy!
November, 2016
Adobe MAX 2016 - 5 Days of Awesome!
I had the honour once again of being asked to participate in Adobe MAX, and it was to be an event-filled week for me. While I did not have "booth duties" this year in the Community Pavilion, I was by no means slacking off. Read on to learn more.
November, 2016
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