I set my alarm early this morning, the last day of the Labour Day long weekend, to try and capture the mist blanketing nearby farms. While the mist wasn't as heavy as I was hoping for, I think I captured some lovely moments.
It's so peaceful at sunrise. It was just nice to drive Villiers Line slowly, taking in the surroundings and stopping every once in a while to make a photo.
Sunrise over Indian River Acres.
One of several Elmhirst farms along Villiers Line.
Recently, I downloaded a set of free workflow presets from the Lightroom Preset Shoppe. I had to sit through what seemed like a 10-minute presentation on why their presets are the best (and some of it made sense, but it was a bit of overkill if you ask me), before I could download the free presets for testing. They are actually pretty good, and do things I would never have thought of creating in some cases. Specifically, they have a series of Soften Edges presets (image above) which help to give that lo-fi photo look, especially when combined with the emulsion and grain presets they include in the test kit.
On the way back to the cottage, I stopped by the horse stables. The sun was up high enough to give me some great lighting on the bits of farm equipment scattered near the hay barn. I even managed to get a few images with some early morning birds perched on various agricultural gear.

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