Since its release last year, I've been paying a lot of attention to the Nikon D750. Based on the specs, there is a lot to like:
- Full frame sensor
- Excellent low light capabilities
- Adjustable (tilting) rear viewscreen
- Better battery usage (and same battery as my D7000)
- Wifi/mobile app control
This is only a short list and frankly, the top three were my main interest points. Now that I'm shooting more night imagery, I wanted a camera that would perform better in those conditions.
But even though it's significantly less cost than a D800, it is still not a cheap camera. So I've been watching, listening, reading. 
This week, I headed off to Henrys Camera in Scarborough with my existing camera kit, with the intention of only testing out my current lenses on a D750 body. I was very pleased to learn that my Sigma 70mm Macro is a full frame lens, as is my Rokinon 14mm. However, I did have two lenses that were DX-only. That said, the lenses could work on the full frame D750, but the image area would be cropped, and I'd kinda be wasting a lot of resolution.
Long story - short - I ended up biting the bullet and buying the D750 with a new 28-300 zoom, and trading in my old D200, my beloved D7000, and two lenses, to offset the price. Below is a sampling of my first images with the D750. The first 4 are very similar - I was testing noise and high ISO. The others are grab shots from the cottage my family has been staying at this week.
This is not necessarily the most exciting series of images, but I did want to share my first impressions and initial shots with you. And believe me, owning a new camera of this caliber is in itself pretty exciting. :-)
This project just got a little more interesting. I did my first night shoot with the camera, at ISO 3200 and 6400. I've included a couple of the images at the beginning of this series.
I found a spot on the golf course, easy to get to at night, with a great view of the resort in one direction and a great view of the tail end of the Milky Way on the other. Facing north(ish), there is almost NO light pollution, thankfully. Although last night, I had the interesting challenge of some atmospheric haze and light cloud cover. Using the same Lightroom  processing techniques from my previous night shoot, I was able to create several images I was pleased with.
ISO 3200, facing the resort and Rice Lake.
ISO 6400, facing North(ish)
ISO 1250. That's right, I didn't even bother with my normal range of ISO choices. My base level image test began at 1250. And even this was very impressive.
ISO 2500
ISO 4000
ISO 64-freaking-hundred! (6400). There's noise yes, but its relatively subtle for such a high ISO and it feels very natural.
ISO 6400. Because I can. :-)
ISO 400, younger brother Mark, who has been bitten by the photography bug, paddling out to catch some sunset photos.
ISO 400
ISO 400
ISO 400, Mark in the lead, followed by two of my nieces, Elizabeth and Julianne.
ISO 400
ISO 400
ISO 2200
ISO 200, my brother David and his wife, Shannon, catching the lake breeze.
ISO 200

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