Mobile Projects

Projects with a mobile focus

A Night at the Theatre
January, 2015
Working with Lightroom Mobile and Photoshop Mix
August, 2015
Approaching the Point
July, 2017
Social Media Imagery with Adobe Post
A few months ago, Adobe released a new and free mobile app called Adobe Post. Simply put, Adobe Post is a fun and fast way for anyone (and I mean anyone) to create stunning social graphics. You pick a photo, add text, and apply some design filters to instantly create beautiful designs. 
February, 2016
Create a "social silhouette" using Adobe mobile apps
One of the hands-on activities at Adobe Max this past October was helping attendees create a Social Media Silhouette. It was a fun little project that gave attendees direct experience in using Adobe mobile apps. The Make It booth was stocked with iPads, computers and staffed with Adobe employees from across the organization. At a recent conference in Calgary, Alberta, I wanted to generate activity at our booth and show off the apps by recreating what was done at MAX, but on a smaller scale. This post explains how I managed it.
December, 2015
Walkway of Terror
November, 2015
iPhone Art
March, 2013
March, 2014
Casa Loma
April, 2014
From iPhone to Lightroom to Lomo
September, 2014
iPhone Panoramic to Lightroom Beauty
October, 2014
Las Vegas Neon Boneyard - ala Instagram
December, 2014
Las Vegas Neon Sign Museum - Extended version
December, 2014
A visit to icewine country
January, 2015
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