I woke up around 7am this morning for no particular reason - or so I thought. One peek out the window of the cottage, though, and I knew waking up was not an accident. I quickly and quietly got dressed, grabbed my camera and headed out to capture the morning mist.
An HDR image, a tad overprocessed, I think. I'll likely revisit this image
Series of Three
Light was changing quickly, so many of my earliest shots were all handheld. In the case of the pond below, I kept changing the composition slightly and I thought I'd treat three of the images with different techniques.
Interesting things can happen (often not pretty things, I admit) when you max out the Dehaze tool in Lightroom . In this case, I kinda like the result, though.
At the top of the Bellmere Winds golf course, Rice Lake was all but invisible, shrouded in fog. I felt like I was up in the mountains! It was a beautiful scene, and reminded me that I need to take advantage of these early mornings at this time of year, when the lake is warmer than the air.
Looking from this view, I can't wait for autumn colour to set in. This location will be stunning come September.
What's a golf course without early morning golfers? This group politely stopped their cart so they wouldn't ruin my photo, but I waved them on as - for a change - I wanted people in this shot.

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