Adobe's annual World Wide Sales Conference was this past week, and as an Adobe employee in the sales area (I know - sales - me?) I was one of about 4,000 employees attending the event. For the past few years, the conference has been held in Las Vegas. Adobe takes care of us and puts up up in a very nice hotel for the 4 - 5 days we are there.
They are very long days though, starting at around 7:30 for breakfast (much earlier if you want to hit the gym) and on average we're in session until 6 or 7 pm. Then there are the networking events after the sessions. We're constantly on the go, learning about what's coming up for the folllowing year, and there's not much time to go out and take pictures. 

So, this year I arrived a day early, along with a friend and colleague of mine, with the express purpose of spending the day at the Neon Sign Museum in LV. 
I need a sign
The day.


You'd think I'd never heard about the Internet, because I foolishly didn't read up on the venue in any great detail until I arrived in Las Vegas. Tourist tours (and photographer tours) are a max of one hour, and they are guided tours.You have to be in sight of the tour guide at all times (for insurance and safety reasons). We also misread the photography limitations, and thought we couldn't bring a DSLR. So, we packed light, as in, our smart phones (my friend also had a Go-Pro with him). We got to the location, only to discover that we could have brought a single DSLR and single attached lens.


Well, we were there and we'd paid our admission in advance (and cab fair was going to be another $30 each way), so we decided to make lemonade out of our own manufactured lemons, and did the tour. Despite the fact I was only sporting an iPhone 5s (I haven't upgraded to the 6  . . . yet), I was very pleased with many of the images I made. Limiting yourself to a subset of your gear can be somewhat freeing; you make the best of what you have. And I did. I think so, anyway.

What you see below is also a subset of the photo shoot. This group of images are the ones I posted to Instagram over my stay in Las Vegas. I received a lot of positive feedback, and even got followed by the Las Vegas Boneyard Museum! So, I thought I'd share this limited collection. I am working on a secondary project which will showcase a larger number of images, not processed through Instagram. Keep an eye out for them! And please, enjoy this sampling.
Stars in my eyes, I
Sassy Sally
I'd like to buy a vowel
Pool Shark
Before and After
Stars in my eyes, II
We are stardust . . .
AT the museum
What's the point?
Super Big!
Lucky Charm
Follow the curve
What's your angle?

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