On the first weekend of my sabbatical, we finally made a visit to nearby Lang Pioneer Village, in Keene, Ontario. Ever since we learned about the village (about 20 minutes from the cottage), we've intended to go, but it's taken us three years to finally go and do it. And it was a perfect start to what has been an wonderful sabbatical from work.

Lang is similar to Black Creek Pioneer village in North York, but a little more rural. Lang Village tells the story of early settlers, industrialists and pioneers in the area around Keene, Ontario. Lang includes a functioning 170-year old grist mill, and just outside of the village proper is the Hope Mill, a fully functioning, water-powered sawmill.

My wife, Karen, and I treat the cottage as “home-base”. Sure, we spend a lot of time at the cottage and resort itself, but we often go for road trips to other areas in the region, like the village. As it turned out, we were just in time for the Apple Festival.

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