Life Near the Lake
I recently hung my first photo exhibition in more than 2 decades. As excited as I was to print and hang the work, a fair amount of prep went into the exhibit before any printing or hanging got done. And that prep was really centered around selection, culling and further selection of images.
Selecting images for my show at Elmhirst's Resort was no easy task. Or, rather, narrowing down that selection to a few specific images was not easy. This project includes all the images I considered as "contenders" for the exhibit, along with a few photographs of the final hanging.
It was a fairly brutal, whittling down of many photos that I truly love. Kind of like picking your favorite child, picking your favorite photo(s) is a tough and not necessarily fair process. But in the case of an exhibition, it's a necessary step to go through. m

Oh, and you probably shouldn't pick favorites regarding your kids...
Moon over Rice Lake II
Moon over Rice Lake
Rice Lake
Misty Morning
Springtime Dream
Blue Hour
The View from Here
Perfect View
Rice Lake
On the Shore
Dreaming of Spring
Burleigh Falls
Burleigh Falls
Another Day in Paradise
Burleigh Falls
Burleigh Falls
Burleigh Falls
Burleigh Falls
Burleigh Falls
Burleigh Falls Triptych
gateway to paradise
Milky Way over Bellmere
Falling for Horses
Here's looking at you...
Winter on the Farm
Tongs for the Memories
Fire Hardened
Field of Dreams
Old Barn
Little House on the Prairie
Ready for Summer
Country Fence
Lang Mill I
Lang Mill II
Lang Mill Diptych
Golden Dream
Sit a Spell
River Paddle
Indian River Paddle
Electric Autumn
River Road
Autumn Worship
Fencing Autumn
Morning Mist
First Swing
Trapped Birches
Dusk on the Green
Gateway to Paradise II
Eyes are Windows...
Winter Sunset
Storm Coming
Bellmere Dock
Go Fish
Prehistoric I
Prehistoric III
Prehistoric II
Harvest Time
RIver Road

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