Cottage Season V. 3.0 has launched.

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Cottage Season V. 3.0 
This past weekend marked to opening of cottage season for us. We were welcomed with the usual Ontario spring weather on Rice Lake - a gamut of everything except (thankfully) snow. Regardless, though, it was good to be back, sleeping through nights without fire engines and sirens in the background.

Prior to our first overnight stay of the season, we had made several day trips to the Fortress of Moderate Solitude, dropping off necessities or new decor items. Making those short trips certainly built up our excitement.

I had a few projects this weekend, including the assembly of a telescope I got for Christmas, so I didn't get out for many photos. But I did manage some time on Saturday, and during a break in the rain on a cold Sunday morning. I hope you enjoy.
There's a certain sense of completion for me, when I know the cottage is open for the season and that we will be there every chance we get.
And as well, I began my cottage countdown 10 weeks ago. I started this countdown last year, using Adobe Spark Post. Each week, and then for the final 14 days, I use a different year before to help me and my social media followers count down the time until the beginning of our cottage season. I may have missed a day or two in the countdown, but it was still fun to do.

A countdown like this could be any subject, or even a list, and make for a fun class project.
As you can see, I've made use of photo grids a couple times in this project. Have you tried them? What do you think? Do you prefer seeing each image in its full glory, or is the compression of a project using photo grids more appealing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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