The Blue Moon has come and gone for another 3 years, and while I didn't catch it at it's pinnacle (July 31) I did get out around midnight on August 1 (2nd, technically, I guess) and captured what I think are some pretty neat images. I didn't focus on the moon itself (hey, it's been done by so many already, right?). Instead I captured the scenes around me, lit by that brilliant hunk of rock in the sky. I even had some fun with it, by adding myself to an image.
Tech notes: Exposures ranged from 1/90 sec (moon shot) to 81 seconds (beach). ISO ranged from 100 (moon) to 3200 (beach). I shot a lot  of these images at f/8 or greater. I love this new camera!
A little poetic license here, by cooling the image down with a reduction in the color temperature. Also worth noting that this is a pretty drastic crop. Even with my 300mm lens, the moon barely took up 15% of the frame.
Working with Lightroom's Infrared preset as a starting point, I tweaked the vignette and the Clarity settings. Now I'm thinking about sepia-toning...
81 seconds at F/11, ISO 800, shooting with my Rokinon 14mm lens. I had NO idea what I was missing when I was using this lens on my recently departed crop sensor D7000. The coverage is amazing!

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