Something I love doing is making a day trip to the wine region in Niagara. This time around we toured several wineries and sampled their icewines. In a word - Yum. A piece of trivia for you non-Ontarians: Ontario produces 80% of all the icewine
We've got the right climate and produce some exceptional wines and icewines.
This series is both DSLR and iPhone. The iPhone shots are here primarily because I forgot to grab my camera at a couple locations. Even though the day was heavily overcast, I think I still managed to pull off some decent images, thanks to the help of Lightroom and on my phone, Aviary and Waterlogue. 
While only Trius, Colaneri and Ravine wineries are features here, we made stops at Henry of Pelham, Fielding, and Hinterbrooke as well. 
I hope you enjoy. 
A giant icy bottle of Trius Icewine. Trius is also home to a wonderful restaurant.
The Icewine festival paired different icewines with delectable food samplings. And all the wineries seemed to have something special going on. At Trius, you could sip your icewine by the fire at the outdoor patio, and even snuggle up in a blanket.
I love how the Waterlogue app on my phone turned this image into a lovely piece of art
Beautiful wrought iron gates at Colaneri Winery
This treatment was created with the free Aviary photo editor app. Aviary is now part of Adobe's mobile product lineup and is available for iOS and  - wait for it - Android devices.
Ravine Vineyard
The rest of these shots are from one of my newest favorite wineries, Ravine. I love the old pick up truck out front, which doubles (so I've heard) as a massive BBQ for summer events.
For the icewine event, they paired thiers with an absolutely delicious (and generous serving of) home made beef stew.
I used multiple graduated filters on this scene, to tone down and and some color and texture to a very dull, grey sky. Final touch was applying a vignette.
I tried a different treatment here. Multiple Radial filters that both accentuated the rusty metal while and downplayed the background. I'm not sure if I like it yet. lol. It's very muted, appearing almost under exposed
Soft focus effect created by applying multiple radial filters with 0 value to Clarity. I also reduced saturation in the background to take emphasis off the parking lot.
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