Winter can be a strikingly beautiful time of year to make pictures. With the added edge of cold, it can help the mind focus on getting just the right images - so you can get back somewhere warm as quickly as possible. This is a small collection of my winter images (many more available for viewing on Flickr).
Many of these images are from my own back yard. I'm so happy to have a decent enough sized yard that - regardless of the season, I can still feel like I'm exploring, finding new things. You'll also see images from Muskoka, Haliburtan, Niagara Falls and Grey County. And - believe it or not, I even snuck in a few photos from Las Vegas. Don't cringe yet!
For those of you in warmer climates, I hope these photos add to your appreciation of a season you likely don't experience often, if at all. For all of us, I hope you find the images a perfect way to add a bit more to your Christmas spirit.
Take a step indoors for a few minutes to warm up, before heading back outside to my Winter Wonderland. I love photographing Christmas displays and Christmas ornaments  (including my own), and using my macro lens for some tight close ups and abstracts.

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