The Many Faces of Jim
As part of an Adobe Generation Professional (AGP) course I'm taking, I was asked to shoot or upload a headshot I would use as part of my personal brand. The first shown here is one I captured, and then edited using Instagram. I've also included a few others, most of which were not captured by me, but represent aspects of my character. The current course I'm enrolled in is called Digital Me: Digital Portfolios, Assessment & Employability.

If you've never enrolled in an AGP course, I highly recommend checking them out. They are FREE and only require that you have an Adobe ID and have joined the Adobe Education Exchange (also free).

Another aspect to this course is the creation of a Learning Journal. I've decided to use Adobe Spark Page as a sort of free-flowing, almost live reflection journal for this purpose. If you're so inclined, drop by my AGP DigitalMe Learning Journal.

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