I recently posted a small sampling of my photo shoot from the Las Vegas Neon Boneyard - the 15 images I posted to Instagram. This extended collection is significantly larger - nearly 50 images - and gives a more complete tour of the museum. With the exception of the Boneyard sign, I've excluded the images from the Instagram collection, unless I've given them a noticeably different treatment or crop via Lightroom.
The subject matter here just cries out for loud, garish saturated color. And often, I gave into that plea. But, this is also - as the name clearly indicates - a cemetary for Old Vegas. A memorial to days gone by. The neon and glass bulbs of old are giving way to the more popular, more energy efficient LED lighting of today. So in some cases, I attempted to reproduce more of a LOMO, or faded vintage look. I hope the attempts paid off when you view those examples.
As a reminder, all these images were shot with my iPhone. A more in depth explanation of WHY can be found here.
Ironically, the sign is lit using LED lighting, not neon.
La Concha abstract - the main lobby from the old La Choncha hotel is the Museum's "office"
What's a photo series of Vegas without Elvis? Talk about right place, right time!

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