Home is Where the (bleeding) Heart is
Well before All Hallows Eve, the planning for my next gruesome gauntlet of horror has begun. Yes, that's right, Hallowe'en is my favorite event of the year.  And to celebrate each year, I turn my peaceful idyllic front yard into a haunted, creepy abode of the dead.
My motto: "It's not a success unless someone cries." 
And each year it seems, I am successful. Some child either cries or has to be carried to the door for their treat. This project is an edited collection of the my front yard on Halloween, over the years. There are smart phone and DSLR images in the series. I shoot the smart phone images partly for record-keeping; I want to remember what I did last time, so that my set up isn't too similar.
We get lots of praise, from kids and adults alike. In fact, I'm sure there are some adults who are more keen on dropping by than the kids they bring with them!
Considering I was one of those kids who covered his eyes in fright during the skeleton scene from Jason and the Argonauts, I've come a long way...
Creepy enough by day, as darkness falls and the lights and fog machines cast their own eerie glow, a deeper, scarier after-life becomes apparent. The flickering jack-o-lanterns, sudden movements by some ghouls, dancing shadows, even the wind itself, all conspire to make that flagstone walkway a menacing pathway of doom.
The 2014 jack-o-lanterns. Doubtless a couple more to come.
I hope you've enjoyed (and maybe cringed a little) at this brief netherworld view. Keep an eye on my Instagram account as we near the 31 of October. I'll likely post the odd image as I transform my front yard once again, into the Garden of the Dead.

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