The end of the cottage season is a bittersweet feeling. I can look back with fondness at all the fantastic weekends we had with friends and family, or just the two of us, but looking forward is slightly depressing. 
That said, the end of the season has been giving me some wonderful opportunities to make photos. There are two sunsets here; the fiery orange and pink was this past Friday evening, all handheld. The final three, on tripod, came from Saturday evening. They're more subtle with the sun dipping below the horizon behind me, but still presented some lovely nuances of color, texture and mood. 
With some luck we have two more weekends at the cotttage before we close up for the year, and I hope to still capture more memories before we say goodbye for the winter. I will miss my Fortress of Moderate Solitude, but I'm so grateful that I have it to miss.

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