According to the website, the Norwood Fair, established back in the year 1868, was meant as a place for area residents to display the fruits of their labours. It was also an opportunity for some friendly competition between friends and neighbours. But, it was mostly a community gathering where villagers came together to celebrate the harvest, catch up with each other and have a little fun for a couple of days. At 147 years of age, the Norwood Fair has grown and evolved, but its mandate hasn't changed; to provide fair-goers with a traditional country fair filled with lots of fun and excitement.
For my first time visit to the fair, I was quite pleased with the event. It has all the things one would hope a country fall fair would have, and while I don't have a lot of pictures to share, I hope you enjoy this little trip. We'll definitely be back next fall!
If you're a car buff, make sure to check out my other Norwood Fall Fair project, "The Classics".
Shot at 1/125 of a second, this gives you an idea of how fast that ring was spinning.
Some of the stars of the show (in my opinion) were these gorgeous draft horses, All three breeds were represented, France, Belgium and Scotland.
Wood carving with a chain saw? I can't miss that!
My young friends (and future farmers) Liam and Lucas, of Indian River Acres, both won prizes at the fair, for longest zuchinni and best field pumpkins.

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